Your “Lens of Awareness” – Teachings from Mary Morrissey

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Mary Morrissey’s My Morning Mentor video in which she was discussing our “Lens of Awareness”.   As does every concept in our lives, our own lens of awareness stems from each and every choice we make – and the wonderful thing about how we view the world, ourselves, or circumstances and our opportunities is that we can choose, at any given moment, how we WANT to dial in our own viewpoint.  You can choose to live in a world of positive thinking, or you can choose to live a default life.

Pause for a moment, and take a look at your life, at your “conditions” or your “circumstances”.  Bear in mind when you look at your circumstances – the exact meaning of “circumstance”.  The etymology of circumstance is from 13th century Latin, circumstantial, meaning  “surrounding condition”.  It is the condition AROUND you – it is not in any way, shape or form, YOU.  It IS, however, a direct reflection of what you have been producing for the last few years – your surrounding environment is a direct product of the thoughts you think and the way in which you live in your heart.

“What do you see when you look into your circumstances?” Mary asks us in her My Morning Mentor video.  Perhaps an empty bank account, a home that needs repair, a relationship that is failing.  Or perhaps, you see a person of increase, who is working every day to grow and to become better and better.

Mary encourages us to look at our circumstances, and take note of them, but know that they do not necessarily reflect the truth.

faces or vases 199x300 Your Lens of Awareness   Teachings from Mary Morrissey

What do YOU see? Faces, or vases?

Yes, your bank account may have $80 in it after you got paid and then paid all the bills.  And you may look at this and think that this is a huge problem.  But, what if you chose to look at it differently?  What if, for today, you decided to look at your circumstances differently, and try to view them as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment? Keeping on with the example of a low balance in the bank – what is one thing that you can do TODAY to take a step toward increasing your wealth?  What is ONE step you can take?

Decide that, and take that step today.   Perhaps it’s looking for a new job.  Perhaps its starting that business you have always dreamed of having.  Pay attention to the ideas that the Universe is handing to you.  If your goal is to start your business, what can you do today to start?  List domain names?  Do keyword research?  Look at brick and mortar listings for office space?  Whatever that one step is, DO IT today.  Take another step tomorrow.  Take another the next day.  Do what you can each and every day to move toward your goal, whatever that may be, and watch your circumstances evolve with your renewed passion and action.

I said earlier that your circumstances may not necessarily reflect the truth.  This is another concept that I have learned from Mary Morrissey as a student of her teaching.  You have circumstance, and you have the truth.  In yesterday’s post, we discussed living FROM your dream instead of waiting ON your dream.  (There will be more on this concept in upcoming posts).  Your circumstances are a reflection of how you have been living, how you have been thinking and where in your heart you are coming from.  However, from this moment, you can decide to change that.  The Universe delights in making your dreams come true.   What you dream, you can do.  If your dream is to live in a beautiful home with the love of your life, raising beautiful children, rejoicing in every single day given to you to love one another, and you start living IN YOUR HEART from that position – that is the TRUTH.  You are creating your truths; you are creating your life.  You don’t have to know HOW you are going to do it in the beginning, just birth the dream in your heart and live FROM that position.  The Universe will provide you with the tools that you need to make that dream come true, and your “circumstances” will change, following suit.

Mary Morrissey encourages us in her My Morning Mentor program to remind ourselves constantly that “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”.  How about making THIS day the day that you decide for yourself that you CAN have that life you would love to live, and that the TRUTH is that every day, in every way, YOU are getting better and better.

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  1. I am not sure where this philosophy comes from but I will have to check it against the Bible before I will believe what you are saying. It is good to focus your awareness on others but the reasons and the way should be centered around Christ first and foremost. I read your other post as well and you are doing a great job I just need to research it.

  2. This was an interesting post I am looking forward to researching this a little more and seeing if what you are saying is sound. Thank you for the work that you have put into this and the time it must have taken. Thank you so much for the information you did a great job with this blog. Is there any particular book that we should read.

  3. I think this is a wonderful message because it is a very hopeful idea – that you can take action to improve today. They say that success or failure is the accumulation of daily actions or lack of action. You can build your life one step at a time, like a stone mason who starts to build a structure. He starts with nothing, but one day, he finishes and the results is a beautiful, tall standing tower.

  4. What an interesting perspective. I have heard about taking an inventory of yourself and your career, but this ads a fresh new outlook on the subject. I like the idea that you can start taking the first step on your way to self-actualization today. This was quite inspirational for me. It gave me a new found hopeful view of myself. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. I suppose that if you look at your circumstance in this way, you can start to affect change today. When you break it down this way, the idea of changing your life does not seem so overwhelming. I read somewhere that success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. That is a wonderful definition because it says that we can be successful now and we don’t have to arrive at some destination down the road.

  6. Thank you for not only this nugget of wisdom, but also for your other inspirational articles that are on this site. It is easy for all of us to get down on ourselves and our circumstances. I think we have all been guilty of this at one time or another. It is more challenging, but also infinitely more worthwhile to keep a positive perspective on things.

  7. Thomas Edisson once said, “the secret to wealth is to augment your means or diminish your wants, but the best way I have found is to do both. I thought I would share that since there was a nice analogy which mentioned your bank statement. I find this message truly inspirational. It lifted my spirits today at a time when I needed some encouragement and for that I am very thankful.

  8. I have read this article more than once and each time, I am filled with hope and inspiration and for that, I am grateful to the author and publisher of this blog. I’m adding it to my favorites and I will return again and again for motivation. It acts as good as a personal counselor for me. This is one of the real gems of sites on the Internet. Thank you once again.

  9. Where can we watch this video by Mary Morrisey? Even though you summed it up beautifully in this review, I still would love to watch it on video. If your recap was this inspirational to me, I can only imagine how much more so it would motivate me to watch it directly from her. I really need all the motivation and hope that I can get to start turning my life around.

  10. I enjoyed your post you are a very inspirational person and the writing that you have here is great, it explains a lot. You have to be able to change your focus to others besides yourself in order to make a difference. There are to many people that think about themselves instead of others. I call it the me monster and if you look around they are everywhere.

  11. What a wonderful, uplifting article! I found it to be very inspiring. We get so involved in our everyday lives just living day-to-day with the same-old grind. I know that I need to break out of that “box” and think new thoughts that will take my life to a higher level. Thank you!

  12. Sheila Gasserman

    I am with Anita, where can we find that video clip. I would love to see it, too. Maybe I will try to do a search on Youtube. You can find pretty much anything there or on Vimeo in this age of viral videos. I wouldn’t be surprised if this video would go viral because it sounds so very inspirational. Thank you so much for this lesson.

  13. Tammara Korepetycje

    Looking into my life right now is not a good thing for me to do, it is looking rather bleak and like I have no hope. This blog post was somewhat encouraging but it was also a reminder of just how bad my circumstances are right now and that is the truth, you mentioned in your post that they may not be the truth but they are for me.

  14. This is wonderfully inspiring. We need more people like Mary Morrisey. I initially saw a vase when I looked at the image, but it didn’t take long before I saw the two Albert Hitchcock type faces. What I do not understand is what does this have to do with perspective of your lense of awareness. Is there a right and wrong answer? Is one vision an indication of a person’s optimism?

    • Hi Miguel -

      No there is no right or wrong answer – it was just an image to prove how different one thing can look with a different perspective. On one hand you see two faces, on the other, its the vase.

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