Praying for Peace in Syria

Pray for Peace 259x300 Praying for Peace in Syria

Pray for Peace in Syria

If you are reading this post, consider yourself invited.  You are invited to join me, to join thousands of people around the world, in praying for peace in Syria.  I’m not inviting you to say you are praying for peace, I am inviting you to DO it.  To reach down, deep inside your soul, and find your peace and fling it – fling it out to he world as far as it will reach, and farther.

I am not here to debate politics with anyone about who is right or wrong in this situation in Syria.  I don’t know who started it, who is lying, who is right.  But I do know this – there are people suffering, and if this goes to war, so many, many more of our brothers and sisters across the globe will suffer and die.  Children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, each and every being an extension of us, an extension of God, Allah, Spirit, The Universe, whatever name you hold dear for the highest power – more will die and suffer.

If you think your prayers do not matter, think again.  Every thing that exists is made twice, first in the mind and the imagination, and then in the physical plane that we all live in.  We manifest our lives on a daily basis, we manifest our circumstances, and we carry our emotions right into existence through the very thoughts in our head.  And if you say a prayer, soak that prayer in love and peace, mean it, need it, love it, want it, and send it out to the universe, the universe will hear.  And if enough of us pray this prayer, we can bring peace about quickly, and prevent this disaster from laying hold to our people.

You may have your own prayers, your own mantra to use to pray for peace.  I offer you a prayer from Mahatma Gandhi…

Gandhi’s Prayer for Peace

 I offer you peace.

I offer you love.

I offer you friendship.

I see your beauty.

I hear your need.

I feel your feelings.

My wisdom flows from the highest source.

I salute that source in you.

Let us work together.

For unity and peace.

The beauty of Gandhi’s prayer for peace is that this acknowledges the hurt, the needs and the wants of the people he is entreating for peace, and identifies that we all come from the same source, the same higher power, and that as brethren, we can work together toward unity.

This is the way we each have to cast our vote.  This is the way we each have in which we can make a difference, weigh in, be heard.  Chances are you do not have face-to-face access to our world leaders – but you have access to the Universe, which trumps any presidential title ever created.

So pray with me, brothers and sisters, pray for peace, project peace into the world, and pray for peace in Syria today.

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