The Foundation of the Law of Attraction

You have probably heard of the Legend of Bloody Mary – or some similar legend in your own locale – where if you go into a darkened room and gaze into the mirror, and say “Bloody Mary” three times, the ghost of Bloody Mary (whoever she may be!) will appear to you in the mirror.   The premise of this legend is that you will attract this apparition by calling her to you, saying her name and manifesting her by doing so.

While bloody Mary may not come when we call her name three times (which in my mind, is a GOOD thing!), nor will we likely be transported home by clicking our heels together and wishing to go home – manifestation is still a very real thing – but its not what Hollywood would have one think it is.

James Allen tells us in As a Man Thinketh that, “The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it falls to the level of its unchastened desires, – and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.”

The Law of Attraction is not a wish (or demand) made upon the Universe that the Universe will just order up and serve to you.  This is where many err in their understanding of the Law of Attraction and where many critics and those who wish to attempt to disprove the laws go.  Every thought that runs through your head is not created in the thinking stuff of the Universe immediately.  I can sit here and idly think of a monster with purple bumpy skin and three tongues that sees with its ears instead of its eyes.  Is that going to appear here, in my reality?  No.  It’s an idle thought, a musing with no real impetus behind it and no context in reality.  Could Spirit create this thing and plop it down in from that of me?  Sure – but that would be against the laws of life on this plane, against the natural order of things.

So how then ARE thoughts turned from thoughts and musings and into reality and circumstance?  Emotion is one necessary factor in the creation of circumstance and reality.  The more emotion one puts behind a thought, the more quickly that thought will manifest into reality.  This is an important thing to note – for this law works not only with the good feelings and emotions we have – it works with the bad as well.  This law is indifferent – it is like the soil.  If a seed is planted, it will grow, and it matters not if that seed is a weed or a flower.

Therefore, if you are fearing and dreading, you are pulling that which you fear and dread to you.  If you are in love with an idea and living toward making that idea a reality, then you are also pulling that circumstance toward you.

Or perhaps, you think you are in love with an idea, but inside, you really think that you are not worth the fruition of this – you “can’t do it” or you “don’t have what you need”, or whatever the excuse may be.  You give life to the fears and the likelihood that you will fail.

Mood is also another form of emotion – and mood can many times determine your ruling circumstance in life.  Are you angry?  Are you frustrated?  Happy, afraid?  Look around you at your circumstances – and you can tell what your ruling mood has been in the past to bring you to the place you are in now.

To change your circumstances, to truly activate the law of attraction in a manner that will benefit you, Mary Morrissey teaches that you must come to a place where you can live FROM your dream, before it is even here, as a principle of dreambuilding.  Do you want to be the woman who lives in a beach house on the gulf coast, the writer of a New York Times best seller?  Imagine that – love that dream, put all your emotion into it, and live FROM that place.  Tell the Spirit every day that you are so happy and grateful now that….  This is not coming for you in the FUTURE, it IS NOW.  You ARE this woman.  How does this woman act?  Does she act differently than you do right now?  Does she think differently, spend her time differently?  If so, then do the things you imaging you WILL be doing, and make your decisions from that place of fulfillment and joy, and you will bring your dream to you.

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  1. I have never heard of this kind of a bloody mary. The only one I am all too familiar with is the one with tomato juice, some vodka and a stick of celery. Anyway, I get what the point of this article is. The way the writer conveyed these points was quite impressive and powerful. It really impacted me and my life. I had to stop what I was doing to ponder my self sabotaging ways.

  2. This legend sounds creepy and like something out of a dark fairy tale or some mystical, paranormal story. It sounds like spiritism to me. I wish it was true that we could call upon a spirit being and ask for any desire. I hate to say it, but sometimes, life gets so hard that many people sometimes would consider saying some incantation to a demon in order to make a deal with the devil.

  3. This may sound a bit negative or like I am throwing my hands in the air in a fit of despondency, but sometimes, the challenges of life are such that I feel like if I could, I would make a deal with the devil in order to get instant wealth, even if I get betrayed in the end, because that is what always happens when you deal with demons.

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